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S I T E     R E V I E W
January 16, 2000

Math in Daily Life
Written By: Hazel Jobe

This site explores important mathematical concepts as they apply to everyday life. It is a part of the Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection. It is sure to make students see the relationship of math to daily activities and decisions.

Graphics are kept to a minimum. It's not very exciting to look at, but the activities are excellent and worth the visit.

Each section of the site is accessible from the side bar on each page. The hands-on activities are clearly identified by a single graphic.

This site gives students a reason to learn about probability, exponential growth, and ratios in a practical way that will make sense to them. Whether they choose to buy or lease a car, redecorate a house, save for retirement, cook up a gourmet meal, or place their bets, math will affect the decisions they make. Through this series of hands-on activities, students will learn how numbers affect daily decisions. Included is a list of resources for further exploration.