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Site Review: Teaching Gifted Children

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Content:  A section of a larger site owned by Prufrock Press, which sells books and other products about gifted and special-needs students, the “Teaching Gifted Children” area offers a number of articles that take teachers through every aspect of educating gifted children, beginning with how to identify them in the first place.

Design:  The site, which looks like a static resource and not one that gets updated regularly, has a very basic design. Under an introductory paragraph there are four main sections with links to stories and content under those. Everything is well-organized and very easy to find. Once you click on a topic, you are taken to a page with a few (usually three) articles on that topic. There are also links to blogs and other Prufrock Press products. 

Review:  If you're new to teaching gifted children or are seeking a starting point for information on the subject, then this site has exactly what you need. The information comes from credible sources, is clearly marked, and is grouped well.

Bottom Line:  Experienced educators in this field may find some interesting articles here, but much of the content is aimed at those who are new to the world of gifted children. For those users, this site offers a solid foundation and a decent amount of well-written information.


Article by Daniel B. Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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