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Site Review: LaunchPad

Site URL:  LaunchPadMag.com

Content:  This is a youth publishing site that provides young writers and illustrators with an online method for sharing their work with others. LaunchPad is different from other publishing sites in that submissions are accepted free of charge, which also means there is no physical book produced. There is also an editorial team that reviews each submission and only accepts those they deem worthy.

Design:  There is very little to confuse newcomers, as the site is simple and clean. There is good use of artist-submitted drawings decorating the various pages. Users don’t feel as though they’re being overwhelmed by the art, but also get a fair sampling of the type of art that gets accepted. The navigation is likewise simple, providing avenues to submissions, comments and an authors’ list.

Review:  Reading the offerings is reasonably easy. A scrolling window allows the reader to browse the pages of a selected title without having to navigate multiple windows. The ability to download the file as a PDF is nice for those who want a physical copy.

The submission process is very easy, consisting of filling out a handful of informational boxes and uploading the doc or image file. Students are required to provide a parent’s email address as a security method.

Bottom Line:  Ease of use, combined with no fee, is an equation that results in happy young authors and artists.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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