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Site Review: InterventionCentral.org


Site URL: www.interventioncentral.org          

Content: InterventionCentral.org was created by Jim Wright, a certified school psychologist and school administrator in New York State. The site features free, evidence-based technical assistance, resources and student intervention ideas to support the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework.

Design:  The look of the site is extremely “bare bones,” but InterventionCentral is all about practical resources, not fancy bells and whistles. Don’t expect photos, user testimonials, and the like. Instead, check out the home page’s useful sections including “Tools,” “Most popular,” and “Recently added.” In the header, visit the Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) Warehouse, where you can print out paper graphs to track kids’ skill growth or use the “ChartDog” tool to enter your data and generate custom graphs. Other major header sections include Behavior Intervention, which among many other things, helps teachers halt bullying, avoid power struggles, enhance student motivation and work with defiant kids. An Academic Interventions section tackles memorization, study skills, test anxiety and a host of other issues.

Review:  The site is very easy to navigate and use. From one-page tools to comprehensive publications, everything can be found with an easy click. In seconds, users can download numerous PDF documents such as a “Letter Naming Fluency Probe Generator.” The site even has a printable sheet that students can use to check their understanding of something they’ve just read.

Looking for a PowerPoint visual timer that helps students stay on task? How about a comprehensive ADHD evaluation manual? The site has all of this and more. An “RTI 2.0” blog, while not offering new posts that often, is meatier than your typical blog, reading more like a detailed manual. A user would be hard pressed to find anything missing from InterventionCentral, although with the wealth of resources available, a human element—perhaps in the form of success stories from students and schools— might add another dimension.

Bottom Line:  Implementing Response to Intervention well is no small feat, but InterventionCentral puts this complicated model within reach. Likewise, student assessment is one of the most challenging practices for today’s educators, but this site makes it seem easy. If there’s an idea you need for helping a struggling student or a tool you need to assess his or her progress, the odds are excellent that you’ll find it at www.interventioncentral.org.


Article by Celine Provini, EducationWorld Editor
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