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Site Review: Facebook for Parents

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Content:  This is a promotional site for the book “Facebook for Parents.” That said, there is some pretty useful information here for parents as well as teachers. Credibility is not an issue, given that the site and companion book are operated in conjunction with Stanford University’s Persuasive Technology Lab.

There are also links to online classes, free newsletters and a teaching team, all of which can open the door to the safe use of Facebook.

Design:  Clean-looking and straightforward, FacebookForParents is a quality site. The links to class registration and newsletter signup are easy to find, and the process is pretty standard.

Review:  The site addresses the potential hesitation parents may feel when registering for a Facebook account, especially by debunking the myth that friending children is tantamount to spying on them in their bedrooms.

For teachers, a short breakdown of how Facebook can be used to instill young people’s leadership and professional skills is quite useful.

Keeping in mind that the goal here is to sell a book, does offer enough content samples to make it worth a visit. For those who may want a little more, the classes and newsletters will get you there.

Bottom Line:  Great for a one-time stop, but if you’re looking for more, you’ll have to register.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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