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Site Review: Bookemon.com

Site URL:  Bookemon.com

Content:  A service site more than a content site, Bookemon.com allows visitors to build books that they can then purchase. The site offers easy-to-use tools so anyone can create a book to share with others. These books can be sold through the Bookemon store, and it's possible to purchase an ISBN and make your book available for sale through online retailers. Bookemon also offers a dedicated educators’ section that features tools to share books within a class or school. The site offers a discount to educators.

Design:  Bookemon has an intuitive design that leads visitors through the process of building a book. The important buttons are large and easy to see, so it's very simple to get started.

Review:  If you want to create a book, Bookemon makes the process as easy as possible. This presents a great opportunity for student writers that could evolve into a compelling class or even school-wide project. The site takes something that was previously complicated – putting a book into print – and makes it incredibly straightforward.

Bottom Line:  If you have a book that you've always wanted to see in print, Bookemon.com offers a quick and efficient was to make your idea a reality. 


Article by Daniel B. Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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