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Site Review: ADTBusiness.com

Site URL: ADTBusiness.com/Education       

Content:  ADT is an industry leader when it comes to security. This site is dedicated to security solutions that are unique to K-12 schools. Obviously the site is fairly heavy on the sales pitch, and that is to be expected, given the source. But once you get past that, there are some useful nuggets of info that administrators can use when assessing their school’s security status.

Design:  The site is pretty clean, although the farther down the page you go, the more cluttered it gets. ADT does a decent job of keeping the sales aspect of the page in its own area and presents the useful content near the top and in the center.

The online form users are asked to fill out to receive more information regarding ADT’s products is pretty straightforward and placed off to the side, so as not to be in the way.

Review:  Getting past the sales pitch, there is some good stuff here for administrators. The eSchool News Blog offers some good insight from Patrick Fiel, who was formerly the Chief of Police for Washington, D.C. Likewise, the Education Security Experts in the Field video goes into more school-specific security challenges and solutions.

Bottom Line:  Knowing that you’re going to be faced with a lot of pitch going in, ADT Education can be useful for determining if your school is adequately equipped to prevent or deal with an emergency.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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