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Certification Map
This interactive portal allows users to determine each states requirements for becoming a teacher.
Grade Level: Professional

Certification Map is an interactive portal that allows current and prospective teachers to determine the requirements for becoming a teacher in individual states. The site is sponsored by MAT@USC, the University of Southern California Rossier School of Educations online Masters in Teaching Program.
This site is well organized and easily navigated by clicking the interactive map of the United States on the main page. States also are listed alphabetically at the bottom of the page.

Certification Map is a comprehensive online portal that offers prospective teachers and teachers moving to a new state the opportunity to easily and quickly find the certification requirements for each state. Teachers can search for customized information of certification requirements on a state-by-state basis, including skill testing, subject area competence testing, and pre-requisite coursework. The site also provides information and statistics on the education environment in each state, including analyses on average teaching salaries, student enrollment, and rankings by state, as well as guidance on the teaching profession and relevant industry news. Users also will find easy access to state department of education homepages, a blog offering news articles on current important issues, and an interactive forum for discussions with other professionals.


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