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April, 2009

California Distance Learning Project: Adult Learning Activities
These stories based on real news events help adult learners improve basic English language skills.
Grade Level: 9-12

This site from the California Distance Learning Project was designed to help adults improve such basic skills as reading and spelling. To accomplish that purpose, the site uses real news stories on a variety of topics of interest to adult learners.
The site is free and does not require registration or sign-in. Users simply select a topic by clicking a topic or picture at the top of the page, and then choose a story from the list. A button below each story allows users to hear the story read aloud.

Adult learners and those learning English will find this site easy and helpful to use. Using segments from television news stories and real life situations, this site was developed to help adults improve such skills as spelling and reading. Each story includes activities, such as matching games for learning word meaning, spelling activities, quizzes to see how well readers remember the story, and write an answer activities to encourage readers to think about the story. All e scores for the activities are kept while you are working through the exercises and each exercise can be done over until it is mastered. Many stories include video clips from the actual news story. These are past stories from news programs and should not be used for current events, but they work very well for adults seeking to improve their skills. Included is a section for teachers and adult educators and a list of resources for further learning. .


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