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April, 2009

A mapping application that provides a wide variety of information in visual format.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12


SHOWUSA offers a mapping application that displays a wide variety of information about the fifty states in a visual format. The site includes more than 141 maps with data about everything from Spanish speakers to foreclosures to Bigfoot sightings.
This interactive site provides a top navigation bar that allows users to choose data from any of six categories to be displayed. It is easy to use, free of charge, and does not require registration.

SHOWUSA offers users a wealth of information about all fifty United States. Users select from a category of data: people, planet, business, politics, living, or your maps in the top navigation bar. Each states numbers are displayed in animated, easy-to-understand maps that resize the state to the data rather than to geographical area. The results are cartograms that make the data easy to understand. This could be a great teaching and presentation tool, as it touches on nearly every aspect of the land and people of the United States. Current maps include population density, people with disabilities, cancer deaths, Iraq war deaths, college graduates, child care centers, abortion rates, animal resources, crops, energy, economy, employment, elections, government, UFO sightings, Olympic athletes, and many more.


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