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March, 2009

A wealth of science-based learning tools including simulations, interactive Web lessons, micro-worlds, and more.
Grade Level: Professional


LearningScience is an organization dedicated to sharing the newer and emerging learning tools of science education. Using the National Science Education Standards as a framework, this organization makes available to teachers and students everywhere a wealth of science-based learning tools such as simulations, inquiry based lessons, interactive Web lessons, micro-worlds, and more. .
LearningScience is well organized with content grouped into seven main categories that are graphically represented on the front page. An onsite search tool is available, as is a tech help page with links to downloads for all the plug-ins that might be needed.

This is a site that science teachers will not want to miss; it can help make teaching and learning science an exciting and engaging endeavor. All the tools are free and Web-based, so they are available to anyone with an Internet connection. Resources are arranged into seven main categories: Science Inquiry, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space, Science and Technology, Science and Society, and the History and Nature of Science. Each area includes teaching resources listed according to National Science Standards and grouped by grade level. The Tools for Doing Science section includes such free tools for classroom use as printable rulers, a stop watch, printable graph paper, online data, imaging sites, and other resources allowing students to measure, graph, and calculate.


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