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March, 2009

Internet Special Education Resources (ISER)
A directory of resources for parents of children with special needs.
Grade Level: Parents

ISER is a directory of resources for parents of children with special needs. The directory includes psychologists, therapists, special needs schools and programs, tutors, specialized caregivers, and more.
This site covers a lot of material and may require a little browsing, but users can generally find what theyre looking for by following one of the six steps indicated on the main page. A button for Help Topics and a directory search by state is also available on the front page.

The Internet Special Education Resources (ISER) site offers help for parents of special needs children. It includes resources that deal with assessments, therapy, advocacy, critical teen issues, camps and special programs, software and assistive technology, and other special needs. There is a directory of special education resources that can be searched by state, a directory of learning disabilities professionals, government agencies, and teacher training and certification programs. Also included is a database of articles regarding special needs remediation and advice for families of children with special needs including autism, aspergers syndrome, dyslexia, hearing and vision problems, drug and alcohol dependency, parenting issues, special needs therapy, ADD/ADHD and many more.


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