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March, 2009

Nuclear Energy Learning Resources
For Schools

Resources for teaching and learning about nuclear energy.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site, from the Argonne National Laboratory, Department of Energy, offers a list of resources for teaching and learning about nuclear energy topics. .
The site has a simple design with the resources grouped into three categories: U.S. Based, International (English), and International (Other Languages). Resources are listed alphabetically within each category. .

The Nuclear Energy Learning Resources for Schools is a great source of information for students who are looking for material for homework assignments, class projects, or research papers. The list of sites is recommended and reviewed by nuclear energy experts. Information is available on how nuclear reactors work, what makes certain materials radioactive, the importance of nuclear energy in the 21st century, and many other nuclear energy topics. The resources are primarily intended for middle- and high-school students and teachers. Those specifically intended for a particular age group are clearly marked. Many resources include curriculum materials and lesson plans.


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