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March, 2009

Campus Compare
A free interactive guidebook that connects prospective students to more than 3,000 universities.
Grade Level: 9-12


CompusCompare offers college-bound students and their parents a one-stop shopping area for everything to do with college search and selection. It is a free interactive guidebook that connects students to over 3,000 universities.
The site is well organized and easy to use. The three major sections (Colleges, Resources, and Dashboard) are available from the main page. Registration is required, but it is quick and free.

Comparing colleges and selecting the one just right for you, just got easier. CampusCompare offers high-tech online tools for use by anyone with an Internet connection. The site is an interactive guidebook that connects students to colleges and tp one another. Users can compare up to three colleges side-by-side and see how well each school matches a students preferences and academic scores. The site publishes up-to-date school data and student reviews on more than a dozen categories, from academics to social life. The section What Are My Chances allows students to input scores from SATs to GPAs, and extracurricular activities and athletics, and calculate a students acceptance odds at more than 2,500 U.S. colleges. Included is a financial calculator, a MatchMe Meter for finding the perfect school match, and a school organizer that keeps students informed of admission deadlines and the like for their saved schools.


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