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March, 2009

Mem Fox: Teaching, Learning, Living
The official Web site of childrens book author Mem Fox.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5

This is the official Web site of Mem Fox, the prominent author of childrens books. Included is information about the author, her books, and about teaching children to read.
The site is organized like a book with a table of contents that includes six sections: All About Mem, About Mems Books, The Stories Behind the Stories, Reading Aloud, For Parents and Teachers, and For Writers (and potential writers).

What youngster doesnt love the books of Mem Fox? This site provides all the information on her life and works that most teachers, students, and parents will need to study her books. Visitors to the site will find the section All about Mem that offers a short bio, her life story, favorite books and recipes, and much more. Possums Questions includes a long list of questions and answers, such as how she knew she wanted to be a writer and where she gets her ideas. She also includes information about more than a dozen of her books in the Stories Behind the Stories section. Parents will especially enjoy the Reading Aloud section, in which she discusses reading aloud to children, reads three of her books aloud to demonstrate, and offers ten read-aloud commandments for parents. Included is a special section for parents and teachers, and another for writers and potential writers that includes twenty dos and twenty donts for writing a picture book.


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