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March, 2009

Activities and lesson plans from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


This site from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers fun activities for kids and lesson plans for teachers. .
The activities for kids are organized into four sections with graphic links on the main page. The left sidebar has a menu for moving to other areas of the site. Included is a top navigation bar that leads to more information and resources pertaining to the Dawn Mission.

Dawn's goal is to characterize the conditions and processes of the solar system's earliest epoch by investigating in detail two of the largest protoplanets (Vesta and Ceres) remaining intact since their formations. Students, educators and the general public will be captivated by such activities as making their own asteroid belt, learning about the Dawn mission through stories and games, and working the online interactive crossword puzzles. If they have a question thats not answered on the site, they can e-mail Dawn. In the Find a Meteorite section, students can learn about asteroids and meteorites and teachers will find a leaders guide, handout, and fact search to use in their lesson planning. The Dawn Classrooms offers lesson plans that are aligned to content, instruction, and assessment guidelines set forth by the National Research Council. Included are teacher guides and student activities, suggested assessments, and lists of additional resources and references. Students and teachers also will want to check out the multimedia link in the top navigation bar where they will find image galleries, interactives, mission art, and audio/videos.


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