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February, 2009

Maisys Fun Club
Maisy engages preschoolers in the exploration of early learning concepts.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2


Maisys Fun Club will engage preschoolers in the exploration of such early learning concepts as colors, numbers, and social themes.
The site is designed with kids in mind, using bright colors and familiar graphics. Navigation is simple and intuitive. Just click one of Maisys friends to be transported to all the fun activities.

Maisy is a loveable mouse with a nose for adventure who is the star of her own television show and the subject of numerous books. Maisy is well known and loved by toddlers everywhere and the storylines of her books cover such topics as making friends, riding tricycles, going swimming, playing in the garden, and reading books. Children will love to go online with their parents, read books together, and play games that introduce color, numbers, sorting, and matching. Users also can download pictures to color, recipes to make with their parents, and crafts to do at home. Youngsters also are encouraged to draw and submit their own artwork for inclusion in Maisys Gallery.


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