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Nature Online Video Streaming Archive An online archive of videos featuring analysis and commentary from Nature Magazine.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site, which complements the print magazine Nature, provides an online archive of videos that feature analysis and commentary from Nature editors and scientists.
This is part of the larger journal site and the videos are listed on the main page with a short description of each. The Macromedia Flash Plug-in is required.

This archive includes more than two dozen videos of analysis and commentary on such topics as tsunamis, language evolution, the honeybee genome, smoking and lung cancer genes, cell architecture, self-healing rubber, and the brain cell on-off switch. Each video includes background information, including the paper, related news articles, and podcasts. The videos could easily be incorporated into a science classroom or another classroom to create more interest in the subject. Visitors to the site also can sign up for live newsfeeds and find links to the online journal and other related sites.


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