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January, 2009

Kids Know It Network
This learning network provides free and fun educational content for the young and young at heart.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


The Kids Know It Network is a learning network that provides free and fun educational content for the young and young at heart. Included are movies, music, games, and funnies, in addition to tons of information on a wide variety of subjects.
The site is designed to appeal to the young.Users can mouse over thumbnails on the main page to animate them and hear an introduction to the section. The database can be searched by selecting a category and entering a keyword. Links in the left sidebar lead to the major areas of the site.

This sites mission is to create fun and interactive learning modules that can be utilized by teachers, parents, and home schoolers to enhance their learning environments, and increase the interest and attentiveness of their learners and they have done it very well. Students will find homework help in a number of subject areas including astronomy, animals, biology, dinosaurs, geography, geology, history, math, memory, and spelling. Each subject area includes games and activities to keep students involved. When its time for just fun, students can head over to the game section to play games that are not found in other sections of the site. More than thirty free educational movies are available for teachers to use to supplement their lessons. The videos cover such topics as absolute values, adjectives, averages, eclipses, acceleration, biomes, hurricanes, and more. Each movie ends with an interactive online quiz. Additionally, a comprehensive database of educational songs can be used by teachers and students to enhance learning. The database can be searched by selecting any subject category.


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