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January, 2009

National Park Service, Nature & Science: Explore Geology Teacher Resources
The National Park Service provides this collection of resources for teaching geology.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This National Park Service collection of resources for teaching geology also could be incorporated easily into a general science curriculum.
These pages are part of the larger National Park Service, Nature and Science site; the left side menu leads to other areas as well as to the Explore Geology section of the site. Teacher resources are listed in the main body of the front page and links to other areas are listed in the right navigation menu.

This is an exemplary collection of educational resources for teaching about geology using U.S. national parks. The homepage features more than a dozen teacher guides and park programs that include geology lessons for students in K-12. The lessons use the national parks as a backdrop for teaching about paleontology, caves and groundwater, volcanoes and more. The menu on the right offers a highlights section that provides links to park images, maps, diagrams, and a glossary, as well as links to explore a few of the national parks, and an essay on the scientific method. Additionally, a Geology Books and Media section offers information about park books, road and trail guides, childrens books, themed books, technical reports, textbooks, and CDs and videos.


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