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January, 2009

The World of Victor
Toddlers develop their imaginations while discovering nature and animals.
Grade Level: Pre-K-K


The World of Victor is a multimedia site for toddlers ages 2-4 to learn and develop their imaginations by discovering nature and animals while they play and have fun. Included are games, a gallery, coloring pages, songs, and other activities.
The site has bright colors and lots of graphics that will appeal to the very young. Navigation is simple and intuitive, but parents will need to guide their little ones. The content is available in four languages -- English, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Parents and young children can have fun while learning about nature and animals at the World of Victor site. The site is intended for youngsters who cannot yet read, so parental help is a must, at least initially. Victor is an engaging toddler who introduces users to zebras, cows, whales, cats, sheep, and other animals. Games include hide and seek, puzzles, memory games, decals (make your own picture), interactive coloring pages, and more. Children can view pictures of wild animals, sea creatures, birds, insects, plants and fruits, and farm animals in the gallery. The songs in the music box are available only in French, but all children will enjoy the tunes. Additionally, pages for coloring offline and wallpapers are available in the chest area.


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