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January, 2009

NSF Multimedia Gallery
Videos, images, and audio files on a range of science topics.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


NSF (National Science Foundation) Multimedia Gallery offers nearly one hundred videos, two thousand images, and three hundred and fifty audio files on a range of science topics.
This site is part of the larger National Science Foundation (NSF) site. It has a simple index of links on the main page. A search tool is also available for searching by keyword or phrase, research area, and other criteria.

The NSF Multimedia Gallery is a rich resource for science teachers looking to enrich their science curriculum. The multimedia offerings cover such topics as astronomy and space, biology, Artic and Antarctic, computing, earth and environment, nanoscience, and more. Users can take a look at a fossil that might represent the first vertebrate to emerge from the ancient seas, learn how scientists are turning forest-industry waste into fuel and other products, view a video about natures superglue produced by aquatic bacteria or learn about the most efficient ways to move in the water by viewing Teaching Robots to Swim. This is a site you will want to bookmark and return to often.


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