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Exploratorium: Microscope Imaging Station
Get small with the famous Exploratorium in San Francisco.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site was developed by the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco to provide access to some of the interesting images that were created at the Microscope Imaging Station. These images reflect the diversity of topics and specimens that you may see if visiting the Imaging Station.
The site is attractively designed with an ongoing slide show on the main page that cycles through the various features. There is a top navigation bar for quickly accessing the three major areas and each area includes a left side menu.

Take your students on an exploration of the Microscope Imaging Station in San Francisco right from your desktop. Features include Sea Urchins, Blood, Zebrafish, Stem Cells, Neurons, Cancer, Frogs and Planaria. Students can take an up close look at the cells along with complete background information, videos, and high resolution images that were produced with research-grade microscopes. The Gallery includes amazing images and movies that will help students learn about such topics as blood cells, cell motility, cellular structure and function, development, drosophila, fertilization, immune response, and mitosis. Teachers will appreciate the activities area that offers classroom activities that include objectives, procedures, further explorations, and downloadable student pages as well as printable flipbooks and wallpapers.


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