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December, 2008

Surviving: The Body of Evidence
University of Pennsylvania site about human evolution.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This is an interactive online exhibit from the University of Pennsylvanias Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology that explores the world of evolution. It uses images, video and text to explain how the human form has evolved over time and appropriate for any age group.
The sites design is well thought out and organized into five thematic sections that are graphically represented on the main page. Internal pages have the same visual format with a link back to the homepage.

Surviving: The Body of Evidence takes users on an interactive tour of how the features of the human body have changed over time through the process of evolution. The information is divided into five thematic areas: We Keep Evolving, Finding Our Human Ancestors, Our Place in the Natural World, We Are Not Perfect, and Witnessing Evolution: Curious People. Visitors may want to begin with the Our Place in the Natural World section to explore how all living things change in order to adapt to the presence of other living things and the changing environment and trace our shared ancestry with other mammals back as far as 210 million years. Discover how fossils as far back as seven million years trace the evolutionary history of humans in Finding Our Human Ancestors." Some of the worlds most brilliant scientists and revolutionary thinkers put voice to their theories in the Witnessing Evolution: Curious People section. Visitors to the site can also discover the evolutionary compromises that have allowed us to have large brains or see ahead in depth. Additionally, links to other relevant Websites, articles and exhibits are available.


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