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Storybook Corner
From the Harvard Family Research Project.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5

The Storybook Corner, developed by the Harvard Family Research Project, offers Web-based materials and resources to help schools and families work together to help children learn.
These pages are part of the larger Harvard Family Research Project Web site, so the links for this section of the site are in the main body of the front page. Users can return to the main page by clicking the Storybook Corner link in the left sidebar.

Storybook Corner contains free downloadable Web-based resources for educators and families. These materials show how storybooks that thematically emphasize family involvement can promote family involvement in real life. Many of the resources -- such as the original bilingual children's storybook "Tomasito's Mother Comes to School," illustrated by the award-winning children's book illustrator Joe Cepeda -- are especially useful for promoting involvement among culturally diverse families. Also included at the site are lesson plans and many other resources.


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