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American Immigration
Who have we got here?
Grade Level:6-8, 9-12

This site from the National Heritage Academies provides an overview of U.S. immigration from 1830-1920 through the use of pictures, timelines and audio.
The content is organized into five modules in addition to three general introductory sections. Upon entering the site users are presented with a module index that enables them to click through the material in order or jump to the section of interest. A link to the interactive timeline is in very small print at the bottom of the index.

Teachers and students studying the history of immigration in America will find a wealth of information and resources at this site. The modules cover such topics as the Irish Potato Famine, Asian Immigration and Chinese Exclusion, Immigrants in Cities and Towns, The American Dream, and The Melting Pot are explored. Included are an audio introduction, and overview of immigration, a vocabulary page and an interactive timeline. Each of the modules offers personal histories in addition to the historical overview. Users can also take a quiz to review what they have learned. Be sure to check out the interactive timeline for additional information


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