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October, 2008

Mostly Medieval:
Exploring the Middle Ages

The 21st century Web explores the 11th century everything!
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Okay, we know that the Middle Ages cover more than the 11th century: We were just teasing you! Mostly Medieval has been online since 1998 and was created by Susan Wallace as a result of research for a novel set in 13th century Scotland. It provides a collection of information and resources for teaching and learning about life in Britain during the Middle Ages.
The site is very well done with graphics that preview the main areas of the site in the body of the front page and links to these areas in the left sidebar. Users can also use the A-Z index to look up information. A text-only version with accessibility features for those who use assistive technology is available.

Mostly Medieval provides resources and information for learning about the Middle Ages. The information is organized into six categories: Ballads, Beasties, Book of Days, God and War, Heraldry, and Medicine. Visitors may want to start by browsing through the section of historical, outlaw, romantic, supernatural and tragic ballads for a glimpse at how this time period was preserved in verse. Ballads are available in their original dialect along with a synopsis. The Book of Days explores holy days and celebrations for each month of the year as well as the origins of the months names. Users can also explore the beasts of myth and legend, how religion affected the way people lived in the Middle Ages, why heraldry became important, or how medicine was practiced in the Middle Ages. Additionally, there are avatars, backgrounds, decorative letters and desktop wallpaper available for download.


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