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Workshop Exercises
Professional development activities contributed by PD trainers.
Grade Level: Professional

Workshop Exercises provides free professional development activities and exercises to enhance workshops, training sessions, coaching, meetings, and other workplace learning events.
The resources are grouped into six categories with links across the top of the page and in the left sidebar. Internal pages simply list the activities in the category.

Teachers and administrators are often called upon to deliver professional development workshops for other educators, parents and others. This site offers suggestions and help for improving those workshops and meetings. Users are encouraged to share best practices for making the learning and teaching more effective and authentic. A Facilitator Guide is available for checking your facilitation skills and the Discussion Tips includes useful strategies for conducting meaningful and lively discussions. The four other areas: Leadership, Team Building, Engagement, and Meetings offer a list of activities that can be adapted to your content and audience. Many of the suggestions could also be adapted for use by a skillful teacher in the classroom.


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