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Useful college application site for parents, students, and teachers.
Grade Level: 9-12


This Web site was produced by a company that supplies application management software to universities. The site was created for students pursuing their educational dreams.
Finding the information you need at Embark is simple. Links are clearly displayed throughout the page, and visitors will want to start by navigating to one of the main areas. The site also has a useful search tool for finding schools and school applications.

Embark is a student portal that allows students, parents, and counselors to find information about colleges, applications, financial aid, and more. Users can utilize the search tools to find the undergraduate or graduate school that fits their needs, learn about financing a college education, research information comparing federal and private loans, and read articles about the admissions process, majors, degrees, careers, and more. With a free registration, students and parents can keep track of all college applications and loan applications and store a profile to make the application process even easier.


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