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C-SPAN Classroom
Free registration gets unlimited TV taping, downloads: total political coverage.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

The C-Span Classroom offers free resources, ideas and information for teaching Civics and United States Government with its television programming and Web sites. A free registration is required to access all of the content.
This site is designed to present a wealth of information and does so nicely. Links to the main areas of the site are at the left of the page with the featured link of the week on the right. Election resources are clearly identified and grouped in the middle of the page next to educator resources. A search engine is available for finding video clips quickly.

Civics teachers are very familiar with C-SPAN and its programming for the classroom. This site takes that one step further with the mission "to enhance the teaching of Civics & U.S. Government through C-SPAN's primary source programming." It offers thematic sections that include Principles of Government, U.S. Constitution, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and Political Participation. Each video clip includes a brief description, discussion questions, student activities, graphic organizers, worksheets, quizzes, and links to national standards in U.S. government and civics. The 2008 Election Resources include lesson plans about the candidates, the campaign issues, the Electoral College, the polls, and more. Registered users can rate the clips, add comments or teaching ideas, search clips by keyword, speaker or topic area, and are granted unrestricted taping and viewing rights on C-SPAN programming for use in the classroom.


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