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May, 2009

The Virtual Body
Narrated tours of four major human-body systems: step right up!
Grade Level: 9-12

This site offers interactive animated exhibits of the body. The four sections include the Brain, Skeleton, Heart, and Digestive Tract.
The site is well-designed, easily navigated, and available in both English and Spanish. Graphic links are available to the four major sections from the main page and text links are in the bottom menu.

The Virtual Body is a site that Biology teachers will want to bookmark on their classroom computers. It is made up of four sections: Brain, Skeleton, Heart, and Digestive Tract. The narrated tours explore the brains potential, explain the skeleton and its functions, investigate how the heart works, and take a look through the digestive tract. Other topics in each section offer more information and animations to help students better understand the human body. Students can test their knowledge with interactive activities such as Build a Skeleton and Organize Your Organs.


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