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Playground for the budding Stan Lee in your class flame on!
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8

This site was developed by author, journalist and newspaper editor Bill Zimmerman to enable students to create their own comic strips helping them to write, read, and tell stories in English and other languages.
The sites design is straightforward with easily accessible directions for each step in the process of creating the comic strip.

REVIEW is a free tool for teachers to encourage students to express themselves through writing and creating their own comic strips. The site offers fun animal and human characters with different moods, thought and talk balloons to fill in with words, and story prompts. It can be used by educators to teach language, reading and writing skills, and also for students in English-as-a-Second-Language programs to facilitate self-expression and storytelling, as well as computer literacy. Parents and children can create stories together, print them to create comic books or email them to friends and family. It is a learning tool that is just plain fun!


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