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May, 2008

A good high school math resource.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12


This site is a collection of instructional math resources for teachers to use in the classroom (online or offline) that provide typical examples and solutions to most high school level math topics from basic arithmetic to trigonometry.
The index of topics on the left side of the main page contains more than twenty topics with drop down submenus. Other resources are grouped into categories right next to the main index. Internal pages have a link back to the index page.

The Math Website offers math teachers, especially those who are tech savvy, ready made resources for the classroom. These are great exercises that can be projected on the screen for students to work and then with a click of the mouse the teacher can reveal the solution. Of course, any of the materials can be printed out for use offline as well. The resources include lessons, study sheets, quizzes and tests on a broad array of topics including arithmetic basics, binomials, circles, ellipses, exponents, factoring, geometric series, hyperbolas, lines, money/interest, quadratic equations, ratios, and others. Students will also find the site helpful in studying topics that have been taught in class and reviewing for tests or doing homework. Extra interest is added with the puzzles, activities, games, interesting problems, riddles, and math quotes.


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