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Biology Browser: Teaching Resources
Lots of activities for the high school "science of life" teacher.
Grade Level: 9-12

Biology Browser: Teaching Resources was developed by Thomson Scientific to provide science teachers with a wide variety of activities to be used in the classroom.
This is part of the larger Biology Browser site. The resources here can be searched by keyword, subject, geography, or organism.

Biology educators will appreciate the variety of teaching resources that have been collected at this site. The resources, all related to various areas of biology, include Alphabetical Insects, Antlion Farms, Ask a Biologist, Biodidac (an image catalog for teaching biology), Basic Frog Dissection, Biology Labs On-Line, and many more. Visitors can also view the searchable Index to Organism Names, the Nomenclatural Glossary for Zoology, and the Guide to the Animal Kingdom for Students and Educators.


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