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May, 2008

Essentials of Geology
Rocks rock! Geology basics from here to Mars.
Grade Level: 9-12

This site offers teachers and students fun animations, interactive crossword puzzles and well written articles for learning about the earth. It was designed to complement the textbook, Essentials of Geology, written by W.W. Norton, but many of the exercises and animations can be used alone.
The site displays the chapter numbers of the book across the top of the page with links to other areas of the site in the left sidebar. Flash Player is needed.

Essentials of Geology is well worth the visit just for the animations which cover the continental drift, solar system formation, the Earths magnetic field, the spread of the sea floor and the formation of the oceans crust. There are over sixty in all and teachers could easily use them as a supplement to the curriculum. Students or any visitors will enjoy the interactive crossword puzzles (19) that accompany each chapter of the book but could be used alone for review. Included are some very well written articles that cover such varied topics as the Earths Rotation, Pele and the Origin of Hawaii, The Cradle of Life, Oil-Well Fires, London Smog, Flood on Mars?, Atmospheres of Other Planets and many more. Additionally, there is a nice glossary and if youre lucky enough to be using that textbook there is a comprehensive study guide.


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