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Rock Cycle Animations
"Rock Cycle" meaning granite and such, not resurgent 1980s music.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site, developed by Mark Francek of Central Michigan University, offers educators a visual aid resource for teaching about the rock cycle.
Rock Cycle Animations is part of the larger "On the Cutting Edge" Web site, which includes a set of visualization collections for geo-science. This particular collection can be navigated from the embedded links in the main part of the front page.

Rock Cycle Animations is a good resource for enhancing the earth science curriculum. These animations show some of the most common processes of rock formation, including crystallization of magma to form igneous rock, rock erosion to create sediment, transportation of sediment, deposition of sediment to create sedimentary rock, and creation of a metamorphic rock in a subduction zone. Other animations show the formation of igneous rocks in different environments, classic sedimentary rock formation, and the evolution of granitic igneous rock to metamorphic rock. Teachers will want to check out the teaching resources in the left side menu for many other resources.


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