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April, 2008

High school chemistry with attitude!
Grade Level:9-12


Author and former teacher, Jeremy Schneider, has created this site over the past several years as a resource for chemistry teachers. It includes PowerPoint lessons for chemistry 11 and 12.
The site has a simple table design with lessons grouped into chapters. Microsoft PowerPoint or PowerPoint Player is required.

Chalkbored is filled with chemistry PowerPoint lessons and instructional materials for high school teachers and students. Students could use the materials to brush up on concepts or help them to better understand what they are learning. Teachers will appreciate the complete lessons that are available for eleventh and twelfth grade chemistry. The lessons cover a variety of topics such as atomic structure, quantum mechanics, atomic size, bonding, crystals, isomers, rates of reaction, and many more. Each of the topics includes a brief description of what is covered in each group of materials that include the PowerPoint lessons, handouts, study notes, labs and assignments, and worksheets. The text references refer to the Fundamentals of Chemistry textbook but also suggest that references from other text can be used.


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