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April, 2008

BJ Pinchbecks College Companion
College prep and survival from a top Web homework-help entrepreneur.
Grade Level: 9-12

B.J.Pinchbeck, who created a very well used homework help Web site during the 1990s for younger students, has now designed the College Companion as a resource to help students prepare for and survive the college experience.
The site is simple and user friendly, with a series of tabs across the top of the main page that identifies the main four categories of links. Internal pages include sub-categories at the top of the page.

Anyone interested in finding information about preparing for and attending college may want to begin their search at B.J. Pinchbecks College Companion. It is a directory of free Web sites that offers all kinds of information and resources for preparing for college from things middle and high school students should do to get ready to applying for the SAT to finding scholarships and financial aid and finding the right college or university. Included under academics is getting acclimated, study skills, writing skills, text books, careers, technology and students with disabilities. To keep up the energy for all that studying and activity there is even a section on food that includes easy recipes that can be cooked in the microwave or toaster oven and online sites for ordering out. To round out the site the social section includes taking care of yourself, living arrangements, interpersonal and organizational skills, college life, dating and relationships, health and safety, managing money, fraternities and sororities, and taxes.


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