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April, 2008

Kids Math Games
Elementary (Math, that is) fun teacher-created site.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5


Created by a teacher for teachers and students, the Kids Math Games site offers free interactive games and online generated worksheets for primary students.
The site is visually appealing and includes audio. It is easy to navigate with links to the main areas of the site grouped in a table on the front page. A site index is also available and advertisements are present.

This site was produced by teacher John Rickey and offers kids hours of free interactive fun with an educational focus. The games cover such broad topics as time, graphing, measuring, counting, geometry, money, patterns, fractions, and calculators. Teachers will appreciate the worksheet generators for creating customized worksheets for the classroom. The generators are easy to use and offer worksheets for graphing, double digit addition, counting base ten block, money, general math, time, patterns, and minute math.


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