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Energized Learning
Energy topics, including a home energy audit tool.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Energized Learning offers middle and high school students and their teachers standards-based lessons to help them develop a better understanding of energy and its complex interrelationships. It includes an interactive Web-based energy calculator and home energy audit toolkit developed by U.S.Department of Energy scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Library.
The site is easy to navigate with separate sections for teachers and students.

Energized Learning is a great way for students to get hands-on experience in analyzing energy use and calculating potential savings in homes and other buildings. There are two sets of lessons, one for the student and an annotated version for the teacher. The standards-based lessons are interdisciplinary and include assessments, activities, spreadsheets, and worksheets for use in the classroom. Students are exposed to concepts such as: how energy and the environment are linked; that quality of life can be increased without increasing energy use; that achieving energy efficiency is an investment, not an expenditure; that managing energy use requires concepts and information from many areas, and others. Students will also be introduced to the interactive web-based energy calculator, Home Energy Saver, a professional level tool that is used in predicting building performance in terms of energy in order to assist not only in design, but also in policy-making.


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