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Let's Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum
Site of national communication system for homeless and runaway youth.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

The National Runaway Switchboard, established in 1971, serves as the federally designated national communication system for homeless and runaway youth. This Website for the organization provides research, information, and a curriculum for classroom use.
The site is divided into four main areas: Youth & Teens, Parents & Adults, and Educators. The areas are designated in the top navigation bar and there is also a left side menu for access to other areas of the site.

This site from the National Runaway Switchboard is designed to help educate youth about alternatives to running away. The free downloadable curriculum includes fourteen modules that are intended to build life skills; increase knowledge about runaway resources and prevention; educate about alternatives to running away; and encourage youth to access and seek help from trusted community members." The curriculum guide is intended for grades 6-12 and could be implemented in a number of ways. It includes more than forty interactive, youth-friendly activities on such topics as communication and listening, adolescent development, personal influences, peers, anger management, drugs and alcohol, roles and responsibilities, and more. There are also companion tools to supplement the curriculum, including the companion film, available online in QuickTime format.


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