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PoissonRouge (Red Fish)
Have the sound on: games and animations for pre-readers.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2

This site offers a variety of games, activities, and animations that will provide hours of independent play for pre-readers.
The site is purposefully designed with no text for very young children. It is colorful and intriguing, with graphics that appeal to young children and navigation that is simple and intuitive. It is also available in French.

Parents and teachers of young children will want to check out this site, which was built especially with the very young set in mind. It features many games, activities, and animations that will keep youngsters entertained for hours. The games are designed so that children may use them in a variety of ways as they navigate the site. There is no right or wrong way to use the activities, allowing children to discover all the possibilities as they explore. Games include matching puzzles, art gallery, alphabet (French, English, and Spanish), and many more. Included are coloring pages to print and a users guide for parents and teachers.


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