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March, 2008

Electoral Geography 2.0
USA elections not enough for you? See maps of election results worldwide. Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site, developed by two geography enthusiasts, Alexander Kireev and Alexey Sidorenko, offers maps about the electoral geography of the world in Russian and English.
The design is easy to navigate with the latest information indexed on the main page and links to other areas of the site in the top navigation bar.

Electoral Geography 2.0 studies patterns of election results from around the world. It offers users informative and interesting electoral maps of the world that could be used in the classroom or by anyone doing research on the election process. From the main page visitors to the site can peruse all of the newest additions to the site, including the United States Presidential Primary maps of the various states. There is a wide range of maps available, from a Taiwan Referendum to the Cypress Presidential Election to the Pakistan Legislative Election in 2008. Maps can be browsed alphabetically by country or searched using keywords. There is also an archive available that can be browsed by year or by post. Additionally, an articles section offers essays on such topics as The New Electoral Geography of Central Europe and Remaking Italy? Place and Italian Electoral Politics since 1992. History and government teachers will be able to make good use of this site, especially during the upcoming Presidential election process.


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