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Visualizing Economics
A site to bring sight and light to the "dismal science."
Grade Level: 9-12

This site brings together the techniques of information visualization with economic data. This blog is the brainchild of interaction designer/information architect, Catherine Mulbrandon. The goal is to "help people who are interested in the subject of economics (but are not experts) to understand and participate in public discussions about economics through data visualizations."
The site has a simple, easy-to-use design. There is a top navigation bar and links to the posts are listed in the right margin. Posters can be downloaded for free or, for full-size prints, purchased.

Visualizing Economics offers anyone interested in the field of economics some interesting and understandable information. Users will find posters for download such as How much do you earn? (illustrating the distribution of income in the U.S.) and How rich is the U.S.? (graphing the top five countries in each region of the world). Also available is a historical graph showing the adoption of new technologies in the United States, a graph of the highest paid American athletes, and a United States poverty map. Visitors can browse through the most popular posts, search for particular posts using keywords, or locate posts by a number of categories.


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