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Fab fitness program from Canada, downloadable for free -- feel the burn!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8


Aero-Pop is a high-energy, dance-based fitness program set to music. It's been specially designed to make fitness fun and exciting for young children and was launched in elementary schools across Canada. The complete program can be downloaded for free.
This multimedia site is divided into several sections based on audience. It requires Flash Player and QuickTime Player.

This high-energy site may be the cure for getting youngsters to move and improve their health. It can be incorporated into school fitness programs or done at home and is appropriate for all children. Best of all, the entire program can be downloaded for free. Teachers will find many easy-to-follow lesson plans with a video clip to demonstrate each new move. A PDF file is also available, explaining in detail the lesson plan for each session. Parents can easily use the program at home to get and keep their kids moving and having fun while theyre doing it. Just choose your own upbeat music and start Aero-popping! Its the fun way to change the way children think about exercise and physical education.


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