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Assessing-to-Learn Physics: Project Website
High school physics teachers, check out this UMass Amherst site.
Grade Level: 9-12

Assessing-to-Learn (A2L) is a research project of The Physics Education Research Group, which is based at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This project Web site offers information and resources for classroom teachers interested in the pedagogic practice of formative assessment in high school physics.
The site can be easily navigated with links in the left sidebar. A Library Help page is available for help in searching the database.

The Physics Education Research Group undertook this project to study how continuous formative assessment could be implemented in the high school physics class. This site offers materials for teachers to use as they implement this strategy in their own classrooms. It includes papers that explain the pedagogic philosophy behind formative assessment and describe how to use it in the classroom, an items library (questions and problems for instructional use), and a page that describes how to use the items effectively. The Items Library can be searched by level, topic, or keyword. Many of the items include teacher aids for using them effectively in the classroom. References are also included.


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