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February, 2008

Imperial Washington
The luxurious lobbyist and lawmaker life.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Imperial Washington, presented by American RadioWorks, explores how the perks that lawmakers enjoy make it tough to clean up government and what happens when newcomers try to play the lobbying game."
The site has a simple clean design with some advertising in the right sidebar. Links are clearly displayed on the main page and subsequent pages.

This site explores Washingtons powerful world of lobbying, the perks of life in Congress and the pressure of raising campaign dollars. Visitors to the site can learn about the Congressional perks such as automatic pay hikes, gold-plated pensions, privately funded junkets and others; listen to the radio hour online or download the transcript; learn about the rise of lobbying in Washington; or read about he battle over the future of the Internet. There are three large features including A Culture of Conceit? Playing the Lobbying Game and Power Trips. The A Culture of Conceit? explores whether the life of perks and privilege seduces Congress members to succumb to the power of comfort and money? Power Trips documents the use, and misuse, of congressional travel and Playing the Lobbying Game explores how it works.


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