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Probability Tutorials
What are the chances … ?
Grade Level: 9-12

This site, created and maintained by Noel Vaillant who received his PhD from Imperial College, London, offers twenty tutorials on various aspects of probability designed as a set of simple exercises, leading gradually to the establishment of deeper results."
SITE DESIGN has a simple design with tutorials listed as a table of contents on the main page. Links in the right sidebar lead to other areas of the site as well as to offsite sources.

This site offers students a chance to review or learn about probability. It covers almost every aspect of the subject within twenty detailed tutorials. Topics include measurability, product spaces, Jensen inequality, finite variation, differentiation, and Gaussian measure among others. These tutorials are accompanied by a page of Proved Theorems, a glossary of terms, and a history page with links to biographies of all the mathematicians mentioned in the tutorials. The solutions to exercises are provided and can be printed. Included is a discussion board, a page describing the notations used and links for further exploration.


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