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KU Writing Center
University of Kansas site, also useful for high school writers.
Grade Level: 9-12

This University of Kansas site offers writing support for students in the form of writing guides. Although it is designed for KU students, secondary students and teachers will find many useful resources.
The site is designed with a left side menu, with major sections (e.g., students and instructors) clearly marked.

Writing is an important skill that requires practice and support while learning. The University of Kansas has developed a wealth of resources to help their students become proficient writers, and the materials are available to anyone with a computer and Internet access. The Students section (written for undergraduate and graduate students) offers many resources that are also useful for secondary students. These include guides -- created by the writing professionals at KUs Writing Center -- that cover such topics as academic essays, grammar and usage, and avoiding plagiarism. Students can also view writing samples in the gallery or use the assignment planner to put the writing process in a timeline for completing their research paper on time. Teachers wanting to incorporate more writing into the curriculum can find resources and information on an array of topics.


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