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November, 2007

Energy Hog.org
Energy saving information and activities for grades 3-8.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


Energy Hog.org from the Alliance to Save Energy aspires to spread the message of energy efficiency and teaching tools to every teacher who needs them. It includes lesson plans and interactive activities for grades 3-6.
The site is divided into two sections, adult and kids. Each of the sections has its own navigation menu. Returning to the homepage is a bit of a challenge. Users will need to use the back button on the browser.

This site is designed for adults and children to learn how to conserve energy in the home. The adult section explores saving energy, an energy checklist, an energy audit and an area for educators. The educators section includes a downloadable teachers guide that includes information and activities to explore different sources of energy, how energy is used and wasted, and the importance of saving energy. Included is a student guide for grades 3-6 and additional resources such as the Energy Hog Scavenger Hunt and the Energy Vampire Hunt. Students will enjoy learning about energy with the interactive games in the kids section such as Fridge Frenzy, Bulb Hunter, Wacky Windows, Attic Attack, and Whack a Hog. A Handbook is also available that teaches students to save energy in their home.


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